Innovation is a constant commitment

We have a qualified IT Department in applications development and information technology, which we face the challenge to reduce and simplify our foreign trade and logistic information processes.

Online reports

Accurate Online reports, where our clients can consult their shipments, and the history of their operations.

Data exchange

Automatic exchange of information between our systems and client's.

All digital

Innovating and improving our service with the P@perless system, in order to comply with the 6º, 36 and 36-A articles from the Customs law.

Digital documents

Automatic delivery of Digital documents by email to our customer, in every vital step of their processes.


Mobile technology for your in-warehouse shipments control.

Business Intelligence

Take the next step, as your 3PL logistics services provider, we know how important it is to extract your potential data in order to make important decisions. That's our reason to offer you the KPIs, making your shipments and merchandise information that you manage with us clear.

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